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SAP XInvoice,
Peppol, as well as e-invoicing worldwide

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E-billing is or will be mandatory!

Among other things, serve your customers with mandatory e-billing in:

- Romania (from 01.01.2024)
- Germany (from 01.01.2025)
- Belgium (from 01.01.2026)

The wide world of e-invoicing “out of the box”!

Available immediately and fully integrated into SAP-SD in just a few days!

No need for procedural changes in the department.


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  • Implement xRechnung as an invoicing standard
  • Meet national and international legal requirements
  • Simply send xInvoice as an SAP-SD as standard
  • Use flexible delivery protocols such as email or Peppol
  • With Peppol, the world is at your feet, serving all countries at the same time
  • Automatically always the right e-invoice format, worldwide!
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The e-billing wave
Rolls through Germany

XRechnung & Peppol

Are you ready?

We are now used daily with terms such as ZUGFeRD, xInvoice or Recently confronted by Peppol. The wave of e-billing has Germany firmly under control. E-billing has been mandatory in the B2B/B2G sector since the end of 2020, but XRechnung is also gaining in importance every day in the B2B sector. The procedural advantages are obvious and the state has also expressed its interest. The experts are in agreement — e-billing is mandatory! It's just a question of “When? “!

If you too would like to know how to use XInvoices via email and/or Peppol, and how to use other international e-billing platforms, such as in Italy, sign up now for the free webinar “XRechnung & Peppol”.


No more complicated
invoicing processes

These are the 4 most common reasons why the implementation of
E-billing fails in most companies.



Lack of experience in

With over 20 years of experience, as well as over 100 digitization projects in the context of SAP Purchase 2 Pay, we are one of the most experienced consulting companies of all.


Over 100 digitization projects every year

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You've reached your destination

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Business is done by people

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They are at the center of our


In this live
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You like...

  • ... the wave of e-invoicing has hit the B2B sector
  • ... invoice formats such as XRechnung, ZUGFeRD and many other formats can be used very easily.
  • ... e-billing can be easily integrated into the usual SAP SD billing process.
  • ... international formats and platform forums or web services can also be easily addressed.


In this live
Learn the webinar
They like...

  • ... the wave of e-invoicing has hit the B2B sector
  • ... invoice formats such as XRechnung, ZUGFeRD and many other formats can be used very easily.
  • ... e-billing can be easily integrated into the usual SAP SD billing process.
  • ... international formats, platforms or web services can also be easily addressed.

What do they have to do to Live webinar included
to be?

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  • Use flexible delivery protocols such as email or Peppol
  • Become a leader in your industry or build yours
    Stay ahead.
  • Take full advantage of the benefits of e-billing and optimize your company through process automation and process cost optimization.

Who is the
BPO Consult GmbH?

With over 20 years of experience, BPO Consult GmbH is an SAP consulting firm leading specialist in digitizing and automating business processes in SAP.

In addition to classic SAP module consulting in the areas of FI/CO, MM, SD and RFNO, we have set ourselves the task of taking our customers to a new level in their processes.

With over 100 customer projects per year, we are one of the most experienced consulting companies in the context of SAP Purchase2Pay.


Successful IT projects in
the last 5 years


Project Management Consultant, Module Counseling,


Different industries
in our consultation


Full commitment days a year
for your success


Business made
by people

It is our duty to unleash your enormous powers in digitization and automation. We work closely together to achieve your individual goals and change your company for the future. With us, as a company, you will have a strong partner at your side in the future.

The team of experts at BPO Consult is characterized by expertise, flexibility, the best possible service and adherence to deadlines!

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That is why our team is inseparable

We share the same values and live them every day with great enthusiasm. Each individual team member contributes their own personal talents and strengths. Alone we are strong — together we are invincible.

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Think Different - Idea about Hierarchy

We never recognize the status quo. New ideas stand above hierarchies. Only our own development brings us and our company forward and serves as a role model for your company

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Take responsibility

We won't wait for other people or circumstances to change. We're not waiting for things to get better. We ourselves are responsible for the company in which we live and work. Only our actions contribute to change.

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Make decisions

We are ready to make decisions and take responsibility for them. We act in a solution-oriented manner and seek ways to achieve our goal. If these paths don't exist yet, let's create them.

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We are honest and we keep our word. We stand by our opinion and can express it constructively. When it matters, we are able to reflect on our actions.

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Nothing is self-evident

We don't take anything for granted. Nothing in life is certain and we only take calculated risks. Our company, our customers and our colleagues cannot be taken for granted. We treat each other with respect and are role models for each other.

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Around the world please...

The standardization of the e-billing world finally has a name and takes the exchange of invoices to a new level.

Digitalization and automation in invoice processing, as well as maximum transparency, paired with simplicity and short implementation times, offer maximum performance gains and reduction of process costs.

There are also other competitive advantages that will also put you at the forefront of your industry.

Global standardization and the upcoming e-invoicing requirement will change the world.

We would like to warmly welcome you on board!

  • Yes! Our mission is “digitization”! This means that our primary goal is to make our customers even better in their processes and to bring them to the forefront of their industry through competitive advantages. It is therefore our aim to show possible ways and to be successful together!

  • Compatibility with the respective SAP releases is a very crucial point. We therefore ensure that the currently maintained versions are supported accordingly. Whether SAP ECC or S/4 HANA doesn't matter to us at this point. #investitionsssicherheit

  • In the national and international sectors, we offer the formats and communication media that the respective invoice recipient finally needs. Whether XRechnung, ZUGFeRD (DE), FactureX (FR), Fattura PA (IT), delivery by email or Peppol. In this context, we offer the entire spectrum. We always act holistically and offer SAP (SD) outgoing billing, registration and connection to the Peppol network, as well as ensuring the invoice recipient's legally compliant invoice formats.

  • With XRechnung, depending on whether the invoice recipient is already registered with Peppol, we have the option of delivering them by email or via Peppol. For formats such as ZUGFeRD/FactureX, sending by email is even mandatory. Alternatively, country-specific web services are used.